My work at the media



Article about the CODA model that appeared at the New Scientist magazine, published in issue 2631, at 24, November, 2007.


Agência USP de notícias (AUN - University of São Paulo news agency) – in Portuguese.


Same text as at AUN, at UOL Ciência e Saúde ( UOL Science and Health) – in Portuguese.


Also same text as in AUN, this time at Mente e Cérebro (Mind and Brain) – in Portuguese.


Radio interview at Radio Eldorado, broadcasted at 9, February, 2008 (a direct link to the mp3 file can be found here, the interview starts at the middle of the file) – in Portuguese.


Newspaper article at Jornal do Brasil about the CODA model, published at 10, February, 2008 (see the whole newspaper, including old editions, at Jornal do Brasil) – in Portuguese.


Article in the Pesquisa Fapesp Journal about the Coda model, published in the February issue. – in Portuguese.

Article in Look magazine, a magazine for the Brazilian community in Japan, about the Coda model – in Portuguese.