Evaluation of interventions to promote physical activity in the Brazilian Unified Health System through the Family Health Strategy

2010 – 2013

    GEPAF has finished in 2012 a study to evaluate interventions to promote physical activity among adults attending the Family Health Strategy in the district of Ermelino Matarazzo. The research was held in partnership with the Technical Supervision of Health and Family Health Strategy Support teams of Ermelino Matarazzo/Ponte Rasa. The group had the participation of professors from USP School of Arts, Science and Humanities and School of Public Health, as well as undergraduate and graduate students and had much grounding in the epidemiological study conducted in 2007 (more information are in the project described below). The intervention began in 2011 and lasted one year. Detailed information are available in the study’s website: www.each.usp.br/ambienteativo. This study also served as training field for students from USP Physical Activity Sciences course (currently Physical Activity and Health course), brought together students from São Paulo public schools to a pre-scientific initiation, and have been used for dissertations and theses. This study had grant from the Paulo Research Foundation (protocol 09/14119-4).

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