Projects in Progress

Built environment and obesity in adults from Sao Paulo

2016 – ongoing
    The aim of this project is to investigate the association between built environment indicators and the prevalence of overweight and obesity in adults living in the city of São Paulo. The project will be developed in collaboration with Professor Lígia Vizeu Barroso, from the University of Sao Paulo Department of Geography, and the Department of Geoprocessing and Socioenvironmental Information of the City of São Paulo. The results will serve to better understand the link between built environment ...
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Assessment of the feasibility of implementing Parque Minhocão in São Paulo

2015 – ongoing
    We are collaborating with an investigation on the implementation of the Minhocão Park as a recreational area in downtown São Paulo. The GEPAF will contribute assessing the impact on physical activity practice through a natural experiment, following possible changes in levels of leisure-time and transport-related physical activity in people living near the park. Dr. Karen Lee, Head of Built Environment of New York City, is a partner in this project.
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