CBSoft - Venue


CBSoft 2011 will be held near to the heart of São Paulo city, at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

MiniPLoP Brasil, one of the events composing CBSoft 2011, will be held as a pre-event, on Sep 25, at the campus of the University of São Paulo, more specifically at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME-USP).


Mackenzie has several campuses, and the event will be held at the main campus in São Paulo. This main campus is located in the central region of Sao Paulo, near - for example - the Avenida Paulista, the (Sé) cathedral and the Republic Square. This is a large and pleasant campus, with ample infrastructure to offer about 30 undergraduate programs and 60 graduate programs.




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Getting in

There are two main entrances to Mackenzie:

  • 45 Itambé st. (nearest to the place where ​​the conference will be held, highlighted on the map below)
  • 930 Consolação st. (current main entrance to the Mackenzie)

For those not staying in hotels near Mackenzie, there are two subway stations (metro) that can be easily used to access its dependencies:

  • Santa Cecília station (900 m / 10 min)
  • República station (1.1 km / 15 min)

Both stations are practically at the same distance from Mackenzie.

From "Santa Cecilia" station, you get a little faster at the Itambé st. entrance, which is closest to the places inside the campus where the event will be held, by walking along Dona Veridiana st. - also a more relaxing path.

From "República" station, by walking along Ipiranga ave. and Consolação st. - a busier path, you arrive at the main entrance of Mackenzie. From there, you should walk inside the campus toward the other side where the conference activities will take place.


Mackenzie Map

In the map below, the buildings, of the Mackenzie campus, where the CBSoft 2011 activities will be held are highlighted:

  • Building 09 (Prédio da FAU): Benedito Garcia Auditorium (in the ground floor, entrance facing the Building 01)

  • Building 10: Flamíneo Fávero auditorium

  • Building 14: classrooms (301 - 305, to be used during the mornings)

  • Building 19: Ruy Barbosa auditorium (entrance facing the Gate Po 01, at Itambé st.)

  • Building 29 (Escola Americana): Escola Americana Auditorium

  • Building 41 (Ed. João Calvino): Cocktails (ground floor - "aquarium")

  • Building 60 (Prédio T):
    • Registraion Desk on the ground floor
    • Coffee-breaks on the ground floor
    • Dlassrooms (Roons 301 - 305, to be used during the afternoons)

  • Po 01: Entrance 01, Itambé st. (entrance from hotel Tryp and from "Santa Cecília" subway station)

  • Po 07: Entrance 07, Consolação st. (entrance from "República" subway station)